Welcome to Oceanos Pools Ltd

We are the UK's number one independent dealer for the world-leading
Endless Pools range of counter-current swimming machines.

We also sell and fit spares and accessories for conventional pools.

Listen to endorsements from UK customers to get a feel for
why Endless Pools are so popular.


Every Endless Pool is unique and can be built to your requested and exact specifications. Following a demo swim in our state-of-the-art facility, we will guide you through selecting the best Endless Pool options for your budget and requirements; from the type of swim current through to additional equipment and individual customisation.


Following the production of a Computer-Aided Design for your architect we will embark on site visits and liaise directly with your approved tradespeople. This strategy enables and ensures effective communication and planning. Once your pool arrives on site we can have it installed and ready to use in as little as a week.


Proper maintenance of your Endless Pool is essential for its longevity. We can provide you with everything for day-to-day control of the water quality and ensure availabilty to carry out its annual service. If you have any questions or problems we are available via the phone, our website and our social media.

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