Endless Pools Waterwell

The Endless Pools Waterwell is the perfect answer for those looking for home hydrotherapy. Like all of the modular Endless Pools this pool can be built almost anywhere without the need for expensive cranes or costly building works.


The most notable benefit of the Waterwell is its size. The standard measures
7' x 7' internally with a 42" depth. This can be reduced down to 6' if required, or, depending on the depth available, increased to 16' x 16'. Internal benches come
as standard to allow users somewhere to sit and relax or to exercise from.
Internal steps down to the floor are fitted as standard on the deeper models.


The Waterwell can be customised in a very similar way to the swimming machines, allowing you the opportunity to create a pool just as you want it. For example, it can be fitted with the Hydraulic Underwater Treadmill and there are options to include lights, covers and hydrotherapy jets.

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