Endless Pools Swimming Machines

The Endless Pools swimming machine, where the whole concept began, features a steel-panel pool with swim current and acrylic return channels to provide a world-class counter-current swimming experience.


Its modular, steel-panel construction means that an Endless Pool is versatile enough to fit almost anywhere – even in places where you didn’t think you could put a pool – and customisable to complement any aesthetic.


There are four different pools within the range. With the exception of the Elite and Dual Propulsion models, all of the pools have the same standard internal size of 7' wide,14' long and 42" deep (2.13m x 4.26m x 1.07m). The pools are graded in maximum speed, measured in time per 100m. Click on the buttons to read more about the individual pools.


There are lots of different options available to customise your pool, such as the addition of lights or a treadmill, or making it slightly wider or longer. Based on the most popular options customers choose, Endless Pools have come up with three different bundle deals offering a complete pool that will tie in with most aesthetics and locations.


All of these bundles are based on a standard sized pool of 7' x 14' (internal dimension) and all three bundles offer significant savings from the list price.


Classic Package

Performance Package

Cross-Trainer Package

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