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Whilst we are predominantly a dealer of Endless Pools, we can source almost anything for your pool, from the correct chemicals to go in it to the pool itself.
Below is a selection of the main products we deal with, but please contact us if there is something you require that isn't listed.

Modular Endless Pools

Swimming machines



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One of the most important elements of owning and operating a pool of any size is the correct management of water quality. This will invariably require the use of chemicals in some form or another.


We carry a good range of pool chemicals in our Oakham shop to keep your water in the best possible condition and can readily offer advice if it's all gone "a bit wrong". 

Air Source Heat Pumps

One of our Thermotec 7kW heat pumps installed on a pool near Melton Mowbray.

Keeping your pool warm doesn't need to cost a fortune. With the recent increases in energy costs, many people are looking for more cost-effective solutions when it comes to running their pools.


One of the best and most effective ways is through the use of an Air Source Heat Pump. These operate by taking heat from the air and transferring it to the pool water. There is no heating element to run, just a fan and a condenser meaning that (depending on air temperatures) these heat pumps can deliver up to 12kW of heat to the water for just 1kW of consumed power.


They can very often be retro-fitted to existing pools and hot tubs and can easily extend your pool season without breaking the bank.

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